Digital information management for sailing sports authority

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The customer is digital information presentation services & solution provider for sailing sports. It works together with race committees and publish race results on different platforms.

The ambition of the customer was to have an integrated solution with seamless information available across the entire process of planning, organizing, tracking & promoting sailing events with professional sailing clubs.

Realtime Information

Microweb realized the strategic business vision of the customer of being leading authority in sports eco-system and created solutions & tools for different stakeholders. Microweb developed website for sailors to enroll, participate and pay for different listed sailing competition. For this, we created multiple race categories and easy management by the event organizers & committee.

Digital information management for sailing sports authority

Tools & Solutions

Separate applications for sailors (front end) and event organizers (back end) with extensive roles & rights management.

Mobile apps for android & iOS to keep track of the events, status and scores

Real time scoring calculation

Customized widgets were created to be integrated for different websites for marketing.

For easy tracking, RFID based automated tally system was developed

Unified publishing of score results via mobile Apps, websites, social media and on-site screens

Digital information management for sailing sports authority

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