Terms of Use

1.1. These terms are Applicable to 

These terms are applicable when visitors submit their information to Microweb. Microweb would like to draw your attention to the fact that these terms may change from time to time. Microweb advises you therefore to check if the terms have been changed. 

1.2. Event/webinar registration or whitepaper/factsheet download terms

  • When the visitor shares their information with Microweb to be able to attend an event or a webinar or to receive a whitepaper/factsheet, the visitor gives Microweb permission to share their information with thirds parties when this is necessary to enable Microweb to deliver what the visitor has requested. When Microweb organizes an event in collaboration with other parties, it is, for example, necessary to share the information of the registrants with those other parties to be able to hold the event.
  • The visitor also gives permission for an electronic follow-up and a possible telephonic follow-up. The purpose of the electronic follow-up is to provide the visitor with a summary or recording of the event/webinar. The possible telephone follow-up takes place when the visitor was interested. The purpose of this call is to collect feedback and/or to provide the visitor with additional information. 

1.3. Additional information

Microweb complies with the laws and regulations regarding privacy. By entering into an agreement with Microweb, the visitor gives permission to store and use the visitor’s data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

1.4. Last modification date

This privacy policy has been last amended on 1st January 2019.

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