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Build Operate & Transfer Model (BOT)

At Microweb, we believe enterprises can succeed by building their own capabilities in order to own and drive their digital transformation thanks to the unique B.O.T. business model. Therefore, companies look towards implementing an efficient and simple BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) model in software outsourcing which enables Microweb to manage and build an outsourced unit.

Microweb build (insourcing or captive center), operate the unit as per your methodologies, processes, as well as tools with the option of buy with complete assets, operations & knowledge pool to you.

This lays the foundation for right infrastructure, facilities, and required team members for any engagement. We set up your complete offshore development center as per your business needs in a structured phased approach. We extensively collaborate and work out details like hardware, software needs, required skillsets of the team, physical infrastructure amongst others.

Microweb runs the daily operations with complete responsibility such as administration, payroll, legal compliances, ensuring seamless excitation of different processes. Additionally, we coach the team for personnel development, maturing the technical capability, maturing the business as well.



Microweb transfers the entire unit together with its assets, staff & operations to you so that you can take complete control of the ongoing operations without imposing any risk for your business continuity. We stay with you post transfer process as your partner to resolve any unexpected outcome until you take complete charge of the daily operations.

Why BOT at Microweb

  • Own your team & the data
  • Own the skills & knowledge of the team
  • Faster time to market
  • Minimize the risk of going into unknown territory
  • Lower cost of establishment cost
  • Option of owning the complete unit

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