Multi-property Management Platform

  • Industry:

    Real Estate
  • Technologies:

    Wordpress CMS MySQL


Customer is leading real estate consultant with extensive industry knowledge in property rental & leasing business. Also, the customer has developed several specialized divisions to service the growing needs of real estate industry.

In order to bring all stakeholders together, the customer wanted to create a unified property management platform buyer together with sellers, tenants with property owners, and investors with developers for residential ∓ commercial properties.

Solving business changes, digitally!

With project marketing of more than 100 “A grade” builders & brokers, the customer wanted a simple yet dynamic website for an exclusive customer experience. Considering the changing business dynamics of customer business, Microweb selected WordPress CMS in order to accommodate to give required flexibility. With high quality professional pictures, intuitive user interface, we presented diverse property portfolio with easy navigation and supporting content.

Multi-property Management Platform

Unified solution

Microweb created a unified one-stop-shop solution to manage & market property portfolio, generate qualified leads and increate onsite visits of interested clients for potential business deals.

In order to market the properties to wider amongst targeted groups, we created comprehensive print and personalized e-mail advertising programs, reaching out to international clients as well.

Multi-property Management Platform

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