Transport & Logistics task management platform

  • Industry:

    Transport & Logistics
  • Technologies:

    Android SDKJavaKotlinPHP LaravelMySQL

Customer is a Project Logistics & Vessel company, focusing on the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries in West-Africa with global finance and administration center in the Netherlands.

With employees working across multiple departments on different operational tasks, the customer wanted to a centralized platform to assign, manage & track different tasks dynamically for increased productivity & optimized usage of company resources.

Easy and efficient management

Microweb created the platform with easy management of multiple tasks as key solution objective. Android mobile application for employees and backend for tasks allocation were developed.

Microweb simplified tasks assignments with detailed report and implemented dynamic task detail design mechanism to be handled by backend administrator.

Microweb managed complete process within the platform. For mobile app, we used CAT S31 and Huawei Y6 2017 gadgets. The backend administrator can create and update new tasks with detailed dynamic design, dynamic popup fields along with click to call capability for easy administration.

Unique solution with dynamic management of transport tasks in Dutch harbour industry

Easy and efficient management

Experience that delivers!

  • Microweb conducted agile workshops together with product owner from customer team and coached Indian development team during knowledge transition phase.
  • Microweb setup collaborative model to understand business challenge of customer, design and create the initial solution visualizations.
  • We had project team lead from India come over to the Netherlands for this.
  • We helped customer manage the backlog and focus on initial user-stories
Experience that delivers!


  • 5 Months - Delivered the first version of platform
  • Smooth operating scrum team extending the platform
  • Agile operations with swift task management
  • Reduced duplication efforts

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