Experience optimization of corporate website

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    Real Estate Development
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    Wordpress CMSMySQL

Customer is leading real estate company famous for creating ultra-luxurious residential sky scrapers with global standards, highly modern amenities, surrounded by lush greenery.

The customer had a website which was sub-optimized, heavy to load & laden with frictions whereby curbing the entire customer experience.

Creating stuff that makes difference

Microweb consulted the marketing & business teams of customer, understood the challenges and highlighted the core expectations. We optimize the entire website from images, content, user experience and further carried out custom enhancements with intuitive designs and user flows. In order to address the growing traffic from mobile devices, we also developed a separate mobile website to further optimize the end user experience.

Creating stuff that makes difference

Solution that delivers

With revamped corporate website, Microweb could increase the average visitor time and create a more engaging interaction with them. This mobile website also extensively complimented the digital marketing campaigns, fetching more tractions with increased conversion and engagement rate.

Microweb identified the key intersections throughout the customer journey whereby a digital connection could result in a solid brand loyalty for the customer.

Solution that delivers

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